Prefabricated containers / units serve all types of temporary site camp requirements including flat pack units, converted units, fully welded units, trailer / skid mounted mobile units, and pre-assembled units used as accommodation facilities, offices, kitchens, dining facilities, recreation facilities, laundry units, labour quarters, drilling camps, rig camps, dormitories, guard houses, ablution units, relief housing facilities, military camps and oil field caravans.

All containers will be produced as high quality and fast erected modular units through advanced solutions and technologies with total quality concept based on unlimited customer satisfaction and unlimited support services at every level. All modules will have a minimum life expectancy of 15 years. As an advantage of their particular features, modules, which may be disassembled, carried and erected elsewhere several times, are the best to face emergency conditions or situations requiring temporary solutions. Modules may also be coupled from larger and more equipped complexes.

The containers are to be delivered as flat-pack type to obtain a greater rationalization of the transportation cost. It is reduced as a sandwich, made up from base and roof, wall panels, door and windows and accessories connected by suitable metallic spacers for a quick assembly on site.