Health & Safety Policy

  • The prevention of injury and ill health and to promote the health and well being of all our employees.
  • Our commitment to, and compliance, with all relevant health and safety, legislation and best practice.
  • Continuous improvement by reviewing our policies, procedures and safe systems of work on annual basis and by setting objectives & targets.
  • Health and safety risks are assessed, quantified, recorded and communicated to the workforce to minimize the risk of injury.
  • All employees take ownership of health and safety and that it is always their first consideration whatever they are doing.
  • Employee involvement by effective communication, adequate training and engagement in everything we do.

Environmental Policy

We recognize the importance of long term goals and we have worked together to look at areas of the business where we can improve environmental performance and make our operations sustainable, in order to ensure a secure future for the benefit of our people and the environment.

Quality Policy

We assure our customers of producing products in a controlled factory environment, subjected to rigorous quality control and testing procedures, to ensure uniformity and quality of product. We instruct and train all our employees in the observance of our manufacturing quality control and quality assurance manuals, which are based on ISO procedures and guidelines.